ABC Management: Detailed Management Plan

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Detailed Management Plan 1: Introduction Management of ABC Hospital is dedicated to support hospital functions and all organizational units to enhance the success of ABC Hospital. Effective and efficient staff performances within the hospital require training, and development that will assist the hospital to deliver quality healthcare service, which will assist the organization to enjoy customer patronage and increase financial performances. (Brigl, Ammenwerth, Dujat, et al. 2005). Management plan will focus on employee training and development to enhance employee performances. Moreover, management plan will design the code of conduct to guide the overall employee behavior. The plan will be designed to: define the strategic management goals aligned to hospital aims and objectives. present the current training needs for employee to enhance quality healthcare delivery. present the current need for the code of conduct that will guide employee behaviour. The hospital vision and mission present the goals that the hospital attempts to accomplish. 1.1: Vision We strive to reach an international top position on patient care and clinical research in accordance with the latest medical knowledge. Our hospital focuses on optimized medical care in collaboration with the medical discipline. 1.2: Mission Our mission is to provide top quality healthcare through education of future academic and practice leaders as well as achieving excellent position in biomedical research.
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