ABC and the Australian Multimedia Industry

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As the ABC is an organisation heavily involved within the Australian Multimedia Industry, the tools and equipment used are integral to the quality of the content produced. For different areas of production, the tools and equipment used will differ, for example, when working in television, equipment would include a set, cameras, tripods, microphones, props, lighting, video monitors and teleprompter. To edit and deliver good quality television content, the department would use various editing tools and software’s during post-production focusing on almost all areas of audience experience such as visuals and audio. Some of these tools include Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Flash and Computer-generated imagery (CGI). When working with radio, the equipment needed to produce a podcast or broadcast includes a sound proof room or studio, sound boards, microphones and switchboards and the tools used for editing would be solely based around sounds to enhance the audience’s aural experience, so this would include sound editing software such as audacity. ABC Television works with independent producers to ensure that the content being delivered to the public is diverse and unique. Strict processes are followed by both parties to ensure that the content is of high quality and serves a purpose to the audience. THE PROCESS FOR PRODUCING AN INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION WITH THE ABC IS AS FOLLOWS; 1. Commissioning Process: The Commissioning Process allows for the contents creative, financial and

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