ABCC Case Study

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New legislation for the ABCC will be enacted that coincides with the Australian government’s building industry code. This requires all organizations that are involved in construction or associated work to adhere to the code’s policies on trade unionism. In particular, they must comply with the content of their enterprise bargaining agreements, otherwise known as EBAs. If compliance fails to take place construction companies will be unable to gain any Commonwealth work (Hannah, 2016, p. 1). Therefore, all power will predominately be placed in the one company, the ABCC. They will be responsible for investigating and assessing of compliance by all organizations, involved in construction, as well as solely responsible for the…show more content…
The ABCC’s role is to monitor and

promote an improvement in workplace relations in the Australian building and construction industry. This may include taking court action to enforce laws. The main role of Australian trade unions is to resolve workplace issues by acting on an employee’s behalf as well assisting in bargaining negotiations for employees (Nicholson, Pekarek & Gahan, 2017, p. 309). The role of employers is to provide a safe workplace that is free from industrial hazards and is not injurious to health. Employers should also allow employees to join a union. The role of all employees is to report any incidents that indicate violations to their health. They also have the right to refuse to work where there are reasonable grounds to believe that there will be a risk of serious injury or harm to their health (Sheldon & Thornthwaite, 2015, p. 385). The outcome employees are clearly focused on is having a safe and injury-free experience in their workplace.

4. Possible Developments – identify the possible developments and changes that may develop due to the current debate and action surrounding the issue. Apply specific reference to cases and other countries in their development within this area

Possible developments and changes that may occur include the Australian Government deciding not to give sole power and responsibility to the ABCC
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