ABI: The Stanhope Project Case Analysis Essay

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ABI: The Stanhope Project Case Analysis
Automotive Builders, Inc. (ABI) is a company that consistently changed its production lines and strategic goals relative to the needs of the times, starting out producing diesel engine parts for tractors in the 1940’s, switching over to the production of parts for military vehicles during World War II, and then, after the war, settling into its current placement in both the automobile and tractor industry. Due to the downturn in the economy and stiff and superior competition in both quality and price rising up from the Japanese who had recently entered into the industry, ABI is trying to find productive and innovative ways to improve sales and guarantee placement as the number one company in its
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ABI is using a top-down process in this project, meaning that determination of the final budget comes almost strictly from a compilation of experiences and judgments of the top and mid-level managers in the company. The higher-level managers break down costs into major categories, pass down their cost estimates to the next lowest level, lower-level managers break the major categories down into subcategories and so on until the estimation process reaches the lowest level of the company. By the end, each level knows the specific amount of money that it is allotted to complete the project tasks required at that level. Because the project is so extensive in price and risk, it would have been smarter for them use a bottom-up process which would have involved the employees who would actually be part of the work team so that management could get a more accurate estimate of the time and money that would be required to complete the project.
Ultimately, I believe that though the Stanhope project is an expensive and risky one for ABI to take on, that the predicted return on it would pay off in the long run. Almost every part of the project proposal stayed in line with the company’s strategic goals which the main requirement for it to be passed. However, even though I believe ABI to have done a decent job in forecasting the risk and
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