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Is terminating a pregnancy morally justified? Abortion has always been a major hot topic in the United States, and rightly so since abortion happens to be a matter of religion, politics, science, and human rights. This issue touches upon the core of every human’s principles, and whether it is well thought out, or little thought of; most U.S. citizens do claim to be either pro-life or pro-choice. This means they are for the unborn fulfilling its life, or alternatively, giving the mother the right to choose. The question that cannot seem to be answered is the one at the core of the issue, which if ever answered, might once and for all lay the matter to rest. Is the unborn a moral entity that holds value to the extent of a human …show more content…
All of the signs of life with the exception of complete homeostasis are fully recognized from the second trimester. The whole reason that it takes nine months until birth can occur is that the fetus will not be able to reach its potential to become a human being until that period of time. Because it is already established by ethicists that it is morally correct to try and alleviate suffering when possible, it must in turn, be directly wrong to create suffering. Consequently, because the fetus does not feel pain and is not even completely human until after the first trimester, and is also a physical attachment of the mother, it is completely at the mothers will in that time, to choose whether the unborn should ever become a life. Americans must also consider that there are species with all of the conditions of existence in place that hold little to no moral value. For instance, any plant takes in nourishment via the sun. They excrete oxygen back into the air. They are constantly at a rate of growth and development. They achieve homeostasis by being synchronized and regulated under normal conditions. Finally, they are able to reproduce asexually. We can apply the same systems effectively to bacteria. With all of the similarities between the two forms of life mentioned and humans, it is a surprise how little it means to someone to destroy bacteria with a chemical spray or antibiotics, or to

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