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Alfredo Perez 11/17/14 Afrs. 20 Dr. Cheek 8-9:15 Assertive Black/ Puzzled White After reading Assertive Black Puzzled White by Dr. Donald Cheek, there were a variety of thoughts and questions that ran through my mind. I never have read a book that even came close to this topic, let alone how in depth the author went on a topic he is very passionate about. This book is valuable to many people in the sense of understanding why Black people talk and act the way they do. I thought the whole book was very clear on the message it was communicating, being that one must understand the Black mindset for their actions before you label them as aggressive instead of assertive. I feel that if more people read this book there will be more of an…show more content…
One would think in the decades since that people would start to understand others but the case is that we are still stereotypical and never bothered to get in touch with other cultures. Even outside the Whites and Blacks, Latinos and Asians are just as guilty for this confusion that exists among between different cultures. If White people even bothered to learn that Blacks are very direct and assertive when talking to others, or if Black people know that White people feel threatened if you don’t use basic conversation courtesy this country would be a lot farther along than we are. When reading this book I never thought that any of the information was false or biased in a way. The book did offer both sides and their opinions, although it was dominantly a book about the way Black people need assertive training I did not detect bias. I trust that Dr. Cheek is feeding me the correct information, I trust him as an educator so it gives me every reason to trust him as an author. In class everything that Dr. Cheek has stated has been correct because of the data he is able to collect and his expertise in recognizing residue from past events. On page 54 and 55 it has a chart that lists what Black people discuss with other Black people and what they talk about with White people. Also it lists in the style they talk and why they converse in the first place. Black people are very comfortable with other

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