ABy Major Characters In The Scarlet Letter

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The Interpretation of the ‘A’ by Major Characters in The Scarlet Letter People have different cultures and experiences throughout their lives; therefore, they all have different perspectives of the same object. Various authors use different perspectives of people to make objects mean different based on how people approach it. Not only the readers see the object in different ways, but also the characters in the story. The Scarlet Letter uses various symbolism such as ‘A ', rosebush, the forest and more which might mean different to each person. Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author of The Scarlet Letter, uses the symbolism of ‘A ' to indicate different meanings throughout the story. However, some readers get confused what exactly ‘A ' means…show more content…
The quote foreshadows that she will be able to serve herself and Pearl after prison with her needlework. Even though he gives positive diction such as able and elaborate to describe the scarlet letter, Hawthorne still reminds the reader that ‘A ' means adultery and that is Hester 's major appearance. In the Governor 's house, Hawthorne depicts reflection of Hester and the scarlet letter in the large and curved mirror as "exaggerated and gigantic proportions", and adds more information that the scarlet letter is "most prominent feature of her appearance," bringing all the readers back to reality that it does not mean that she is not a sinner because now ‘A ' stood for Able to Hester (Hawthorne 57). Throughout the story, Hawthorne uses ‘A ' to characterize Hester explaining how other people treat Hester and how she interpret the ‘A ' as. Hawthorne expresses Pearl, the daughter of Hester, as the scarlet letter and the scarlet letter as Pearl. Pearl has an obsession to the scarlet letter. Pearl refuses to go to Hester in the forest when Hester was not wearing ‘A '. Pearl thinks only when Hester is wearing ‘A ', Hester is her mother and "should Hester repudiate the letter, she will repudiate Pearl" (Baym). The action of Pearl refusing to go to Hester when Hester is not wearing the scarlet letter clearly shows Pearl has a deep connection with the letter. Pearl was the "result of Hester 's

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