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Accounting 356v7 Assignment 3 Prepare your answers in a single file. Question Marks Concept Covered 1 30 Not-for-Profit Accounting 2 15 Customer Profitability 3 15 Sales Variances 4 20 Project Costing and Risk 5 10 BSC for Not-for-Profits 6 5 Customer Profitability Analysis 7 5 Risk Management Total Marks 100 Question 1: Not-for-profit Accounting (30 marks) City Youth Services (adapted from CMA Entrance Exam Syllabus 2006) City Youth Services (CYS) is a not-for-profit organization established to provide counselling and other services to children under the age of 18. It concentrates on troubled…show more content…
is a new company that designs and manufactures custom dresses. Alana’s Dresses currently has six customers that are identified by customer numbers A, B, C, D, E, and F. Besides the costs of making the dresses, the company has the following activities:  Customer orders. The salespeople, designer, and dressmakers spend time with the customer. The cost driver rate is $40 per hour of time spent with a customer.  Customer fittings. The customer will come for a custom fitting of their dress before the final sewing takes place to ensure the proper fit. Cost driver rate is $25 per hour of fitting time.  Rush orders. Some customers need their dresses quickly. Customers are charged a $25 fee for a rush order. The cost driver rate for a rush order is $100 per rush order.  Number of customer return visits. Customer may return the dresses up to 30 days after picking up the dress to have it refitted or repaired at no extra charge. Normally a refit or repair will take a seamstress 2 hours to complete. The cost driver rate is $30 per hour of the seamstress’s time. Information about the six customers follows. Some customers purchased multiple items. The cost of the dress is 70% of the selling price. Customer A B C D E F Sales Revenue $600 $4200 $300 $2500 $4900 $700 Hours spent on customer order 2 7 1 5 20 3

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