ACE Case Study

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ACE is short for the American Council on Education and is located in Washington D.C. It is a higher education organization that was founded in 1918. We know what it is now we need to see how it can help students. ACE represents University and school Presidents from across the nation providing a unified voice. Many times ACE has lead discussion about Pell and Federal Grants. This experience and ability to be a unified front can help in many different ways. One certain way is the services ACE provides.

There are two major services that ACE provides. First is the commitment to research. This commitment has allowed ACE to be the number one voice in the higher education community. Their commitment to research is only equaled by their understanding of the higher education space. This understanding has allowed them to identify portions that need change which leads us to their second major service spotting brand new practices. Their understanding and commitment to the higher education space not only in the US but Internationally as well is the reason why ACE has set up a center dedicated to Research and Strategy.
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By the early 70's ACE understood that there was a gap between what colleges were preparing students for and what the needs of the businesses were. This lead to the creation of ACE CREDIT in 1974. This recommendation service allows students to expand their knowledge with actual on the job assignments.

Academic credits are given when students sign up for formal training that is beyond the usual scope of college walls. Based upon ACE CREDIT recommendations students can fast track themselves to the training they need but still receive the normal college credits. Students can trust the ACE name and know that a business or service that utilizes the ACE branding is indeed the correct course for students to
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