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ACE Group RFP Policy Report Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management Seminar Introduction ACE Group, founded in 1995, is a large Chinese corporation which specializes in corporate logo image design, advertising banner production and installation. It is a design, production, installation, engineering, and trade integration, an international brand and domestic famous enterprise comprehensive match Ad ID provider. As the leader of logo image industry, ACE not only has an area of more than forty thousand-square-meter production base, but also unites a number of highly qualified teams of professionals in more than 20-province network of services for the projects throughout China…show more content…
The RFPPC’s main responsibilities during the initial phase are: Define the scope of work, the requirements or specifications; Specify the process; Develop evaluation criteria. 2.3 Issuing a) Once the evaluation criteria are determined, the RFP document is drafted by RFPPC. b) All RFP document are prepared and reviewed. c) RFPPC issues the RFP document. 2.4 Developing a) A bidders or suppliers’ meeting is often held. This information session is open to all potential suppliers /venders and other interested parties. b) RFPPC collects and responses all proposals. c) All relevant documentation for projects and proposals are maintained properly. 2.5 Evaluating a) RFPPC review and evaluate all proposals according to evaluation criteria and other relevant internal rules and the law. b) An RFP Evaluation Committee (RFPEC) other than RFPPC may be required to conduct the evaluation. c) RFPPC or RFPEC selects the successful bidder. d) The successful bidder and the unsuccessful bidders are notified. e) Individual debriefing sessions may be held with the unsuccessful bidders. 2.6 Awarding a) RFPPC awards the contract to the successful supplier. b) Negotiation maybe required on contract terms, Statement of Work (SOW), and Service level agreement (SLA). 2.7 Maintain and Managing a) The contract is implemented,

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