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-- ASSIGNMENT 1 INTRODUCTION AND ESSAY PLAN ESSAY TOPIC: In response to concerns about obesity and weight-related health issues, there are a number of approaches to weight loss on offer. Compare and contrast a more traditional approach to weight loss, such as a healthy diet and exercise, with a surgical procedure used for the purposes of losing weight. Which is more effective in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight? INTRODUCTION Thesis statement: This essay will focus on comparing and contrasting whether a traditional method to weight loss or a surgical approach such as bariatric surgery is better for human health and suggest that ,considering the long term health condition,the traditional approach is more beneficial . BODY…show more content…
Poor development of main ideas. -A weak thesis or thesis omitted. -No preview or preview of main points unclear. -Shows little to no essay coherence or paragraph cohesion. -Formatting exhibits little to no accuracy and appropriateness. Contains sufficient formatting errors. - little or no following of essay plan advice -Essay is longer or shorter than recommended l ength (more than 10%). Grammar and Vocabulary -Demonstrates an excellent understanding and control of academic register. - Shows excellent grammatical range and accuracy. -Utilises appropriate punctuation and capitalisation. -Appropriate and accurate vocabulary with correct spelling. -Competently followed all essay plan advice. -Exhibits an understanding and sufficient use of academic register. -Shows a reasonable grammatical range with minor errors, but meaning is clear. -Generally utilises punctuation and capitalisation effectively. - Some minor errors or limitations in the choice of vocabulary and occasional spelling errors, but meaning is clear. -Followed advice with limited success. - Exhibits little to no control or understanding of academic register. - Shows serious and recurring errors in grammar that interfere with reader understanding. - Little use of appropriate punctuation and capitalisation. - Significant errors in vocabulary and frequent spelling errors, which interfere with reader understanding. - little or no following of essay plan advice. Research -Shows excellent choice

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