ACT and College Research Paper

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Thus, many students tend to start planning for their future in their first year in high school. One of the major concerns of most high school students getting ready for college is a financial issue. Doing well on national exams such as the ACT can solve this problem with possible scholarships offered at colleges. Understanding the purpose and description of the ACT as well as the information about the tuition fee and the Pre-Pharmacy program at Oregon State University is important for me to get a head start on my future education.
According to The ACT, the purpose of the test is to give colleges additional information about the student’s academic ability other than the student’s grades. The ACT score also shows how prepared the student is for college and helps colleges place the student in the right class. This test has four multiple-choice parts: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science; however, optional writing part is available for those who are applying to colleges that require writing scores. The national testing days are from September to June, and the ACT advises students to take the test in their junior year because of the retesting opportunities and other advantages. Furthermore, the college prep courses that the ACT suggests are four years of English, three years of Mathematics, Natural Science, and Social Studies, and two or more years of additional…
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