ADA Case Study

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California is included in the 22 states or territories that have OSHA- approved state programs. It’s important that California is listed in regards to the work environment because California is able to develop and operate their own job safety and health programs. Learning that California is OSHA-approved signifies that employers and workers are covered at all times in the work environment. Another important aspect that I’ve learned is that OSHA offers additional assistance, services and program to ensure compliance with the responsibilities under OSHA law. Learning this, it is reassuring in the work environment to know that additional programs and services are available that can help employers identify and correct job hazards and improve…show more content…
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website provides tools and resources to the public on health issues and more which is ideal for educating our society. You can find outbreak information which allows you to become aware of health issues so that it’s possible to protection you and your family. On CDC’s website, I found information on wildfire smoke which is important if you live in an area that is frequently affected by fires so that you can prepare you and your family for future fires and the health issues associated with fires. I also located data and statistics by topic on CDC’s website and found numerous diseases and other health related issues which is important to be informed on what is happening around us and how we can better protect ourselves. CDC’s website contains information on emergency preparedness and thought it was important because not everyone is educated on the steps to protect you and your family. The information and features I came across applies to the medical field in aspects of patient education and knowing the steps to protecting our society against diseases and health related issues. The director of the CDC is Brenda Fitzgerald, MD who plays a key role in helping to protect the world from the threat of deadly diseases. Fitzgerald has responsibilities to know medicine, science, public health, policy and leadership to best support and protect
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