ADHD Children

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In the video, when Jeffery was having the drawing task, he desired to play with his toys. At that moment, he cannot determine the priorities between tasks and games. It can be observed that he tried to multitask both actions, also is able to response to different simultaneous at the same time. Based on the multimode theory, normal people can choose to select one message over another at different points according to the level of importance. Normal people have flexible divided attention so as to do more than one task at the same time. They can also ignore the information that are not relevant. Although ADHD children have the ability to multitask, it cannot function in an efficiently way. For example, Jeffery could not judge to pay more attention…show more content…
Also, Joey said that he has been struggling with his academic work. ADHD children at their childhood stage are not able to learn new knowledge quickly. Hyper-focus can only occur in the areas they are interested in. Therefore, for the knowledge like Chinese and Mathematics which Jeffery is not interested in, he may find it hard to focus and perform badly. Immediate reward like the excitement due to playing sports is often the only way to let him to stay on task instead of studying. They are used to organize different tasks and analyze the main idea when facing lots of information. Also, they have the ability to account for the short and long term effect o their actions so as to plan the priority list inside their mind but ADHD children cannot. Jeffery always faces problem on his study and claim that he doesn’t understand the connection of the context. His teacher also stated that Jeffery was weak in logical and critical thinking. As the frontal lobe of the ADHD, which is responded to regulate the executive function, is less active than normal people, their cognitive flexibility and higher order executive functioning are generally weaker. They cannot manage in oraganising, reasoning and solving problems. This situation serious hindered the thinking process of Jeffery and thus worsened his academic results. Moreover, Jeffery's attention span is short that he often leaves his seat and loses his sense
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