ADHD In Video Games

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Recent studies into the effects of video games on sufferers of ADHD have revealed that they may in fact actually be very beneficial to these people. This composition will report on one such analysis and of how the discoveries of the experiment can be of benefit to ADHD sufferers. ADHD is a problematic condition for the people who suffer it and in recent years has rapidly been becoming more evidently common. The subject’s main avenue of treatment to date has been medication which has a degree of success but in some cases very little result. Reider stated “There appears to be a subset of patients who do not demonstrate a beneficial response to stimulants” (Fox and Reider, 1993). The discovery of a non-chemical treatment with few to no side effects would be a quantum breakthrough in this area.…show more content…
This condition effects their ability to govern hyperactivity, attention span and impulsiveness, to the extent that it negatively effects their interpersonal relationships and initiates inadequate performance scholastically leading to a lowered self-esteem. This can then manifest into future more complicated mental disorder issues even though the hyperactivity side usually alleviates age. According to Barkley: “ADHD is associated with low academic achievement, poor family relations, early substance experimentation and difficulties in adult social relationships” (Barkley, 2013). A team initially set out, using a specifically designed video game, to test children for ADHD and to what degree was suffered. This was successful however they also found that the game could actually help a majority of the test subjects to improve their attention levels after considerable time spent playing the
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