ADHD Research Paper

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ADHD Treatment
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (Ford-Martin, 2014) is a mental disorder involving brief to prolonged periods of hyperactivity and the inability to focus on tasks, causing the patient to become easily frustrated and unable to sit still. This inability to focus often negatively impacts the patient, frequently causing him/her to lose self-esteem and give up. This label instills a feeling of hopelessness when it comes to completing certain tasks that others are able to perform easily. After being diagnosed, the patients are typically prescribed medication in order to hopefully control his/her inability to focus, without currently considering possible alternatives. This medical plan has led me to question the
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Two widely recognized alternative treatments for ADHD include cognitive therapy and exercise. By itself or in combination, these alternatives may lead to an improvement in the symptoms of the patient. Cognitive behavioral therapy involves the restructuring of the patient’s mind, working to eliminate faulty behavioral patterns and negative thoughts. “The therapist works with the patient to identify both the thoughts and the behaviors that are causing distress, and to change those thoughts in order to readjust the behavior.” (NHS Choices, n.d.) This process is like taking a book, tearing out the last few chapters, and replacing them with new material in order to change the outcome. “Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a collaborative, action-oriented therapy effort…[which] empowers the patient by giving him an active role in the therapy process and discourages any overdependence on the therapist…” (NHS Choices, n.d.) This therapy can help by curbing the “incorrect” behavior of these children and also show the patients how to cope with any emotional toll this mental disorder has wrought upon them.
While a successful option for some patients, cognitive-behavioral therapy may not be appropriate for other patients. Specifically, patients who are cognitively compromised or psychotic are not potential candidates. In addition, patients who cannot commit fully to

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