ADHD Sufferers

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Negative Effects on ADHD Sufferers ADHD, short from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorder. Younger children have a higher probability than older children adolescents and even adults to suffer from this disease. Most of patients have cannot have a well role performance, which means they have weakened ability to do appropriately is excepted or required of a person in different roles or functions of daily life. Certainly, it brings many negative effects on the sufferers. ADHD is bad for the competiveness, for the social ability and for the economic capacity of the patients or their parents. ADHD is influential to the learning ability which will affect their competitiveness in the society. Sufferers, who are still students, are difficult to concentrate on the lessons or when they are taking revision and eventually they will have lower learning outcome. Children with more symptoms of ADHD are found that they have around double probability of grade repetition and have worse performance in mathematic and reading than ordinary U.S. children (The National Bureau of Economic Research, 1990). The research shows the effect of ADHD on learning. In our society, most of the employees under the illusion that academic result reflects one’s working…show more content…
Almost all of the sufferers have bad temper and lack of patience, which are the symptoms of this disease when facing others. In the other words, they have lower emotional stability. The individuals without ADHD, especially those who have less sympathy, will less regard people have lower emotional stability as best friends or partners. It has been pointed that Peer rejection is appeared on more than half of ADHD children sufferers. When they grow, the problem may get worse, as social rejection. It shows that ADHD will deteriorate sufferer’s emotional stability and finally affect their social
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