AED In The Workplace (CSA)

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Currently, there are no federal requirements for employers to provide AEDs in the workplace (CSA), but there are laws in all 50 states placing regulations on where certain AEDs have to be located and who can use them. In the situation of SCA at the workplace or an even out in the community the biggest element against someone is time. Once 911 is called one doesn’t know how long it may take the ambulance to arrive on scene. For every minute that goes by this individuals survival rate goes down by 7-10% (CSA). But with the placement of AEDs in these public buildings trained personnel or a Good Samaritan can take charge and start giving the victim the needed medical help. By placing an AED in the workplace or out in the community the chance for survival goes up.…show more content…
Many workplaces are worried about the legal repercussions that could come about from having an AED but if all personnel are properly trained and know their state laws covering AED and CPR then all should go
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