AED310-701: Writing In Social Studies

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Reflecting back on my learning and thinking in Professor Fanelli’s class AED310-701: Writing in Social Studies, I would argue I gained a more well-equipped skill set for teaching Social Studies. I came into her class as an average writer who didn’t know how to implement effective reading and writing strategies. I felt I wasn’t a strong writer, but upon taking this class with the expert Professor Fanelli I feel more confident in my reading and writing skills. Because of Professor Fanelli, I now know how to use the Writing to Learn Strategy, which has a purpose in my future classrooms. The purpose of using the Writing to learn strategy is that is helps students demonstrate their understanding, construct meaning, and express their thinking in the form of writing. It also enables further learning of students' who make meaning out of their writing. It also provides students with the ability to question, clarify, and recall what is known about a subject, or what they don't know. Writing to Learn is an important strategy in the Social Studies classroom because it promotes higher level thinking skills, and engages students in the learning process.
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For my students to improve their literacy skills they need to be proficient in reading and writing. Social Studies demands a lot of writing and reading for proficiency in the subject. To be a better Social Studies teacher I need to implement strategies that support student growth. Reading like a Historian has been one resource that is helpful in aiding student’s understanding of what history is. By having students use the skills historians use, students are immersed in the content. Sourcing, contextualization, periodization, and collaboration are just some of the skills that help students better understand the content of Social Studies. Writing will hand in hand with reading sources in my
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