AFP Versus Jollibee Food Corporation

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In “The Next 100 Year”, a 2009 non-fiction book of George Friedman, he summarizes the fundamental principle of strategic planning as hope for the best, plan for the worst. Strategic planning, simply defined, is a systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them.XX It is the organization”s method of defining its strategy or direction, and allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. “ The AFP Strategic Planning System is the primary means by which the Chief of Staff, AFP carries out the strategic planning and related functions of GHQ as mandated by the Revised Administrative Code of 1987. It involves the development of…show more content…
They use a good mix of generic and functional strategies to hold of the market they are serving. One of a generic strategy that JFC has used is differentiation, it differentiated itself by providing its customers food that fits well to the Filipino taste. Another is low-cost leadership strategy, they invested in research and development to understand what the customers want to eat thus eliminating wastage on unsold products. JFC made use of several functional strategies, namely, horizontal integration in the form of acquisition, product development and market development. Through this strategy, JFC acquired several brands like Greenwich Pizza, Chowking, Delifrance and Red Ribbon. For the AFP, we have a load of good strategies, but since the primary objective of AFP internal security operation shall be winning the peace rather than simply defeating the enemy, we must focus on identifying or understanding the root cause of all this conflict such as poverty, injustice and others. That is why we have the Whole of Nation Approach, because the AFP cannot single-handedly solve these security concerns. The AFP should influence the national government to create a specific policy on how other government stakeholders can contribute or implement the Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP). Understanding the characteristics and changes in the various environmental factors is necessary to adequately

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