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1. Propose an organizational structure for the IT department that you feel would support the transformation of AgCredit into a process-centric organization.
Recognition of business ownership will be vital to the organizational structure. Having the business sign on and join the conversation about IT and related projects will be instrumental. A steering committee will be need to be part of the approval process of all projects is needed to make sure an enterprise view is taken. The multidivisional committee will need to ensure all projects fit within a SOA framework. The CIO should be involved in the boardroom and have access to senior management, including the CEO. The CIO should hire senior management that can convey
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It supports web services that align with continuous growth opportunities, expanded customer relationships, and ability to cross-sell between the divisions.
It will immediately offer up opportunities for the divisions both in terms of possible financial gains and stretching development dollars.
Existing services can be purchased and implemented quickly within the SOA. This increases our capabilities and ensures we stay caught up with the larger firms. In essence this can level the playing field providing valuable resources and systems.
Once the customer information is centralized, which is required for SOA, the savings from reducing database needs will be realized.
Having common processes will align the business as a whole and ensure value from increased communication and decreased uncertainty.
This kind of technology base may allow the way we work to change, for example working from home or on the road working through a VPN.

4.What new internal IT capabilities will have to be developed in order to create an IT department to support AgCredit’s future business architecture?
The capabilities needed to support the SOA from the IT perspective are management tools, information management tools, Information delivery options, development cycles, and a customer service attitude toward the divisions. Role clarification will be important in setting up these capabilities. Management tools include visioning and
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