AIDA Model: A Model Of The Aida Model

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This advertisement use AIDA model as supporting theory due to it is a principle to describe what happens when a reader engages with an advertisement. Furthermore, AIDA model is the simplest formula and yet most powerful in terms of develop a communication strategy and explain the four stages to the readers. The elements of AIDA model are stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Meanwhile, these four elements are the stages that a reader goes through when watching or viewing an advertisement. Yet, the basic principle behind the advertisement is that it must attract and persuade someone to take action. An advertisement is plays a role to attract the readers. Once the readers pay their attention to the advertisement, the interest will form in the mind of them. After that, the advertisement has to persuade reader’s desire and then persuade them to take action such as visiting websites.
First, the printed advertisement needs to presents and draw the attention or awareness of the reader. If the advertisement did not draw the awareness of the readers immediately, these readers might lose interest to the advertisement. This
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The reason is when readers read the sub-headline they will automatically attract by the words because less audience will link play to learning. Hence, they will curious about what this learning program can bring up to them. To grab more awareness of the readers, the model in the advertisement also plays an important role. This is because most of the readers will attracted by the advertisement through model or celebrity. Meanwhile, those readers also will observe and emulate action of the model in the advertisement. In this advertisement, the model carry a bag and book on her hand. Through this action, audience will aware that the advertisement is talk about learning
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