AIDS 101 Essay

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is responsible for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and attacks the T-4 lymphocytes, which are a fundamental part of the immune system of man. As a result, reduces the responsiveness of the organism to cope with opportunistic infections caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and other microorganisms. At the moment in which the AIDS virus is spreading with frightening speed and very dangerous and that there is a collective concern about AIDS, we must cling to developing our greatest means of defense known so far, which is information. Although AIDS is deadly, it can be prevented, and in that sense we all have an obligation to be met by seeking and disseminating information. This
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All the sexual practices are probably the most dangerous because the virus enters the body more easily for two reasons. During the penetration, the pressure exerted by the muscles of the anus, the penis is very large and invariably causes irritations, skinned and disruptions of mucosa and penile tissue, allowing more easily access the HIV virus in the bloodstream. The anal mucosa has a high absorption power, which explains the existence of drugs in the form of suppository. For this reason that AIDS spread such as virulence among homosexuals, it was called as "gay plague." “In case of insecure intercourse from anal, the receptive partner has maximum chances of getting infected with HIV if the inserter is HIV victim” (Gunawan Harinanto). Remember that anal intercourse is also practiced by heterosexuals and that female rectal mucosa has the same characteristics of male It is also vulnerable to penetration of the virus. During intercourse, the virus lodged in the vaginal fluid enters the male urethra, affecting the blood and infect humans. However, as the HIV virus reaches higher concentration in semen than in vaginal fluids, their transmission from infected men to women sound occurs more frequently. The virus, installed in the sperm, goes to the vaginal mucosa, entering the bloodstream and infecting the woman. This explains why the number of women with AIDS has increased significantly worldwide.
It is an
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