Aids in the Bahamas

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AIDS in Bahamians, ages 15-44

A major cause of death of Bahamians in the age group 15 to 44 is AIDS. This is a result of unprotected sex, ignorance and the reluctancy to get tested and treated. Many Bahamians engage in sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives. Ignorant to the dangers of AIDS, they believe that nothing will happen. When and if there is a slight belief that one is infected with AIDS, Bahamians tend to hesitate to get tested or treated because of appearances. However, “as research, investment and commitment into understanding HIV and AIDS increased, so the outcome of people living with HIV improved around the world” (“AVERTing HIV & AIDS”). With innovative and private methods many organizations have formed for
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Moreover, 93% of females can transmit the AIDS virus to males during unprotected sex. Furthermore, 94% of the combined sample recognized that the AIDS virus can be transmitted through heterosexual relations. In addition, Rodgers and Rolle state that only 32% of the sexually active combined sample ensured that they always used condoms during sex. This means that 68% of the sexually active adolescents in this survey are conducting in unprotected sex which can very well, lead to AIDS. It is evident that in this age group, these is reckless and irresponsible engagement in sexual activity which has led to the dangerous AIDS epidemic. After interviewing Ms. Sandra Smith, age 21, it was found that she was a prime example of a young Bahamian engaging in reckless unprotected sex adding to the AIDS epidemic. Ms. Smith said, “I was 20 when I found out I had AIDS. I have about six serious partners before I got tested. I had sex with them all without using protection”. When Ms. Smith was asked why she did not use a condom she responded by saying, “I really do not know why I did not use a condom. I guess it was all in the heat of the moment. It was all fun, at the time”! Ms. Smith ended the interview by saying that, “I regret doing what I did, my stupid actions, not using protection. It is the reason that I have AIDS. I am not proud of my actions but it is the truth. I have AIDS and I will probably live a short life because I had unprotected sex”.
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