AIDS/HIV & Its Effects on Popular Culture Essay

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A life-changing pandemic has effected millions across the world. It has plagued many people addicted to drugs, many who practice unsafe sex, or even the innocent health care worker. Some people may sadly consider their lives extinguished upon contraction of the in-curable virus, others will not let the infection rule their lives. However, the infection is no long-er considered a death sentence in contrast to what many may believe. Many people are igno-rant of the virus and continue to believe what was shared many years ago. What is HIV/AIDS, and what is its history? What is its effects on the body? How can it be, not cured, but treated? Who is at higher risk for a possible infection? Are there any possible cures in the making?…show more content…
This is when the patient may be classified as having Acquired Immunode-ficiency Syndrome. An infected individual may also be diagnosed with AIDS when his or her CD4+T cell count is below two-hundred, which is normally five-hundred to fifteen-hundred per cubic millimeter of blood. However, an individual may have fall into a remission and have the diagnoses of having Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome revered when either the cell count rises or the opportunistic infection clears up after medications, but the diagnoses of having Human Immunodeficiency Virus will never be taken away.(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) HISTORY OF HIV/AIDS The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is believed to have been around since the early eighteen hundreds, and to have been derived from West Africa, more specifically Cameroon. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Research has shown that the Human Immunodefi-ciency Virus may have been derived from the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), which is the Chimpanzee version of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Humans are thought to have con-tracted the virus while hunting SIV-infected chimpanzees and then respectively the virus mutat-ing to HIV, as we know it today. (Carmichael) However, the virus took many years to travel to the United States, as the first reported case was not until the late nineteen seventies to early nineteen eighties. Also early in
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