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1. Introduction

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, also known as AIDS, is caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).HIV damages body’s immune system by destroying white blood cells which help us to destroy invaded pathogens. When HIV enters a white blood cell, it may remain dormant. However, once it is activated, it infects another cell to produce many new HIVS. After a certain period of time, the white blood cells are destroyed and leading to a loss of function of the immune system (Y.K. Ho,2004). People infected by HIV will turn out to have AIDS. Infected people are very weak to fight off other infectious disease and soon they will die.
According to the data and statistics of WHO, global summary of the AIDS epidemic, 2009, the
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At, that time, more than 100 thousand farmers were infected; nearly 10 thousand of them died. Predicting the trend, it is difficult for China to have only 370 thousand people living with AIDS as the Chinese government just want to hide the fact and did little to deal with the current situation.
This essay will state the factors leading to such condition in detail. And also criticizes the policies or measures that applied by the government. At the end, there will be some suggestion to resolve the issue.
3. Factors that lead to the condition

According to the public health model, health status is not only relying on individual and form a biological perspective. It also related to the interaction with the social or physical environment. Therefore, when analyzing the factors that lead to the severe AIDS problem in Henan, where the famous “AIDS villages” located in China, we should consider comprehensively, include the scientific, economic and social perspective.
 Scientific perspective
In this case, the epidemiologic triangle can be used to describe the rapidly transmitted AIDS disease. The triangle is composed by three parts: pathogen, host and environment. This part will focus more on pathogen and host; environment will be further discussed in economic and social perspective. A common pathogenetic feature underlying is the deficiency of the immune system caused by HIV, which

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