AIDS, which stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, has been a worldwide issue for many

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AIDS, which stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, has been a worldwide issue for many years. People of all ages have been affected by this syndrome, from newborns to young teens, all the way to adults going all the way through their seniority. Individuals with the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome have had many obstacles to deal with. Some of which are problems not only having to do with their health, but also with the relationship that they have with the people around their community, family, and even with their self. It’s a battle that has taken many lives. This deficiency syndrome takes away one’s health mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. When an individual contracts aids, their immune system takes a huge toll and…show more content…
Researchers believe that this syndrome originally originated from chimpanzees as HIV and later turned to AIDS somewhere along western Africa. Humans contracted the syndrome when they hunted these animals and ate them. AIDS was first recognized in gay men from both New York and California around the 1980s. Researchers and doctors labeled this sickness going around as “gay-immune related deficiency” but by 1985 they labeled the sickness as AIDS and realized it was being found amongst both sexes and worldwide. By 1986, a successful treatment to control HIV was found. It was a failed cancer drug called AZT and was later used for AIDS as well. Doctors were giving AZT as well as a combination of other drugs to help control the disease, but it only helped those who had money and access to the treatment. Within later years, the treatment and control for both HIV and AIDS have widened but they now focus more on giving access to all victims of this sickness. As of right now, according to WebMD Medical Reports, African Americans hold the highest number of individuals infected with AIDS and HIV. African Americans have this idea that only gay, Caucasian men have this sickness, but this is where they are wrong. They hold the highest number because of the lifestyle they live. The African American community are contracting AIDS through sexual intercourse with another individual who
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