AJR- Indie Pop Band

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AJR is an indie pop band containing three brothers Adam, 23, Jack, 16 and Ryan,19 from New York City. Their musical sound incorporates oldies music with a modern twist. According to a personal interview, AJR stated their musical influence is that, “We grew up listening to 50s and 60s music from The Beach Boys to Simon and Garfunkel. They have really inspired our sound. We combine those stylings with the more contemporary sounds of Fun, Imagine Dragons and Vampire Weekend. We like to think that our sound is pretty signature.” (AJR 2013) In 2007, AJR started street performing in and around parks in Manhattan and playing gigs in small music venues such as Sullivan Hall and The Bitter End. According to Billboard magazine, in an interview with AJR, Adam stated "We realized that the three of us could sing together and our voices worked really well harmonizing." (Hyman 2013) AJR continued performing for the next seven years until 2013 when they realized that they can pursue their musical career professionally. In 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, Ryan wrote a song called “I’m Ready” which they originally released on their Youtube channel. They ended up taking it down and re-releasing the song on iTunes on August 22, 2013. “I’m Ready” instantly became a smash hit reaching #104 on the iTunes Pop Chart, making its official music video VEVO premiere, reaching over 300,000 views on Youtube and receiving serious radio play from SiriusXM 20 on 20 about 230 times and RyanSeacrest.com. With

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