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Dashleigh Ramirez Mrs. Lofquist AP Lang Comp-3 Allusions Response Chapter 5: Bullhead City In this chapter it talks about how Mr. McCandless had stopped traveling for quite a period of a time to be precise he spent a little over two months in one place, Bullhead city this however happened to be the longest time Mr. McCandless ever ‘settled down.’ In the excerpt The dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck, and under the fierce conditions of trail life it grew and grew. Yet it was a Secret growth. His newborn cunning gave him poise and control. It bears relevance to this chapter because it describes Chris McCandless as he was ‘charging up’ for his next big adventure and try to save up some money for the big trip to Alaska,…show more content…
Although he knew what Walt had done to Marcia and still had two children with Billie it was unforgivable. He had that feeling of guilt and he was not to let Walt acknowledge the newly information Chris had discovered in California. Instead he was to rebel and to slowly disclude himself from the family that he felt ashamed of. Truth is what young McCandless was greatly affected of the news that his father had given him about Walt’s first wife. In a way it seemed that Mr. McCandless had lost himself and that is what influenced the ideas of his pursuit of happiness was only capable in the wild where you come to the truth. It’s like a test it shows you the true meaning of surviving this dog eat dog world, it is where it tests your faith, your strength (physically and mentally), and your will to have an open mind. That is what Mr. McCandless craved the purity of the bonds between individuals but he was disgusted of the wrong his father’s doing. That is what caused his reactions of the need of finding some type or form of purity and true beauty. Yes Mr. McCandless had the money, had the education, and had his future set, but to him none of that mattered, that credibility of loyalty played a major factor on the decision he made to have no further communications with his parents, the truth is the purpose of all Mr. McCandless’s choices and
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