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AMB201 Marketing and Audience Research Tutorial 2 Exploratory Research and Exploratory Report Today’s Agenda  Practice questions  Exploratory research  Requirements for Exploratory Report  Attendance sheet (ensure your name is checked off) Practice Questions 1. The research question “What are the most popular tourist destinations for visitors to Australia?” would be addressed with which type of research? a) Exploratory c) Causal b) Descriptive d) Analysis Practice Questions 2. A researcher is interested to learn about the reasons for why some people continue to buy physical newspapers, despite the same content being available for free online. Which type of research is most suited? a) Exploratory c) Causal b) Descriptive d)…show more content…
To understand online retail shopping behaviour. Thinking about the assignment... Abstract • A brief summary of what was done, what was found. 1.0 Introduction and Background 1.1 Importance of the research • Why is this research important? Use secondary research to justify your argument. • Why is this research important from a theoretical viewpoint? Comment on how this research might add to marketing knowledge/theory. What theory might be relevant? 1.2 Scope of the report • What is included and what is not included in the research. What is it limited to? 1.3 Research problem/question • See documents on Blackboard 1.4 Aims and Objectives • See documents on Blackboard Thinking about the assignment... 2.0 Method 2.1 Methodological considerations and assumptions • What type of research is being conducted? Why? • Identify any considerations/assumptions of this type of research (e.g., data accuracy, representativeness, etc). • Identify any relevant pros and cons of this research. Why is it still feasible? • What type of data are collected and what types of conclusions can be drawn? 2.2 Sample considerations • Identify and discuss the sampling approach (who was in sample?) • Why is this approach relevant to use in this design? Any problems? • Anything else relevant to note? 2.3 Data collection and framework, and analytical considerations • How were data collected? Be specific. A reader should understand in sufficient

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