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Executive Summary This research is written to explore the consumer behaviours associated with fashion purchasing and help the manager understand what drives consumers to buy fashion products so as to determine the campaign strategy. The study proposes to investigate the people perceive what is fashion or unfashion and discover the possible relationship between different factors and the consumers’ willingness toward fashion. These factors include the effects of brand, the influences of mass media and social network, various shopping places. Surprisingly, the different attitude between different genders toward fashion is considered as an essential factor for people to engage in fashion purchasing. 1. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND 1.1.…show more content…
It deserves to spend a certain number of money. 2.2. Sample Considerations It is essential to select a representative and accurate sample. The population of interest this study will be the adults in Australia who are over 18 years old. In other words, a consumer should own understandings of fashion and unfashion independently. Due to time limitation, 4 samples come from QUT blackboard sources. In terms of sample selection, this study uses in simple random sampling. The transcript database is made up of respondents of different age, gender and background. In order to obtain a gender-balanced result, this research decides to choose 2 males and 2 females transcripts randomly. 2.3. Data collection and framework, and analytical consideration In order to narrow the scope of consumer behaviours associated with fashion purchasing effectively, the research will use an interview as method for collecting data, all interviewers are required to familiar with interview guideline and question and make sure interview question are relevant. Also, check the audio equipment works properly and find a quiet place to implement interview. When the interview is in progress, interviewers should thank the participant for agreeing in the interview and introduce the topic firstly. Then, explain the process and requirement of the interview. Thirdly, confirm the respondent’s

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