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AMB340 Service Marketing
Service Encounter Report
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I. Introduction
Nowadays, services dominate economy and generate most new jobs. This service encounter report aims to compare and contrast my own real-world service experiences using services marketing theories. Firstly, it will compare my two satisfactory encounters journals in East Coast Car Rentals and Ambient Hotel Colina to get the most satisfactory one. Secondly, two dissatisfactory encounters in Ray White Alderley and Myer will be compared to gain the least satisfactory one. Finally, I will give 3 recommendations for the least satisfactory encounter. Theories of level of tangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, and perishability; level of customer service;
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Overall, the most satisfactory encounter for me was the East Coast Car Rentals experience. In my opinion, as a hotel, out of hospitality, customers deserved the tangible services. In contrast, the solutions of the heterogeneity impressed me most in East Coast. Such a good service recovery, I felt tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, competence and courtesy. I forgot the service failure because of this good service recovery. I was extremely likely to go back to this service firm and recommend to other friends.

III. Least Satisfactory Encounter
As for the dissatisfactory encounter, Ray White Alderley was disappointed (see Appendix 3). First of all, according to the Flower of Service, billing is common to almost all services. Customers are disappointed with the inaccurate, illegible, or incomplete bills. In addition, they do not waste time later with corrections and refunds. In this encounter, Ray White Alderley took me 3 days to solve an easy bill problem. Based on this situation, the service recovery was not efficient. I could not feel the urgent reinstatement from it. Instead of telling me that the system showed I owe the money in the second expansion, I preferred they understood the situation detail by communicating with the colleagues. There was another
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