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Mid-term essay outline
Explain the four major types of British colonial communities that developed by the middle of the 18th century. Talk about the economic, political, and social characteristics that made each community that made each community unique.
Introduce 4 major types of British colonial communities: Urban seaports, Backcountry/frontier, settled farming, and southern plantation
These communities are distinguished by their uniqueness in economic, political and social characteristics
Urban seaports: Cities like Boston, New York, Newport, Philadelphia, Charleston became major urban seaports and commercial centers populated by rich and poor alike.
In the 1700s, such cities were small and densely
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Most contracts were 4-7 years
They had to work in Tobacco field 6 days a week and 12 hours a day
They were barely given any food, clothing or medical care
Were promised that if they survived the contract, they would be given food, clothes, tools, 50 acres of land and tobacco seeds
Tension with native Americans over land
Freed indentured servants found it harder and harder to get land of their own.
They did not get the land that they were promised if they survived/finished the indenture contract
Many were forced to lease lands, or even sign new indentures
Many indentured servants started running away frequently or stole food
Planters relied on fear and punishment to make people work
Extend contract:
Running away double of contract
Stealing pigs +2 years
Getting pregnant (even if the owner is the father) +2 years/child
Economic frustration:
1640s, healthier environment not many deaths indentured servants survived contract, got land, made money
Tobacco price dropped because everyone was growing tobacco
1660s: Economic frustration no more land for survivors
Bacon’s rebellion:
Tobacco planters and newly freed indentured servants were having difficulties
Tobacco prices were low
The surviving indentured servants did not get land as promised
Governor William Berkley
Did not care what common planters want
Indentured servants and planters attacked Indians for their

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