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Assignment A

Define Marketing Management. Discuss the various management philosophies. Explain how the marketing and selling are contrasted and briefly explain the societal marketing concept. 2 . Explain the various factors influencing a company’s marketing strategy with the help of suitable examples.
3 . What is marketing research? Discuss the marketing research process with the help of an example. Briefly explain the different sources of data.
4 . What do you mean by productivity analysis? Differentiate between productivity analysis and profitability analysis. What are the different steps in the direct and indirect approaches to marketing budgeting?
5 . What do you mean by media scheduling?
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Marks - 10

Changes in income is -


An economic environment factor

A political environment factor

A socio-cultural environment factor

Both (b) and (c)

Question No. 10
Marks - 10

Status is -


The general life-style given by the society

The general esteem given to a role by society

The symbol in the market

None of the above

uestion No. 11
Marks - 10

The first step in strategic planning is -


Defining the company mission

Designing the marketing programs

Designing the Business Portfolio

None of the above

Question No. 12
Marks - 10

The 4Cs in the marketing-mix tactical tool kit are -


Customer, cost, convenience and curve

Customer, cost, convenience and coverage

Customer, cost, convenience and communication

None of the above

Question No. 13
Marks - 10

Promotion-mix elements are -


Price, advertising, publicity and sales promotion

Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity

Personal selling, strategy, advertising and publicity

Both (a) and (c)

Question No. 14
Marks - 10

Marketing productivity audit includes -


Products, price and distribution analysis

Profitability analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis
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