ANA Code of Ethics Provision Five Review Essay

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The main points of provision five of the ANA code of ethics are as follows: section 5.1, which is moral self-respect, suggests that nurses must care for themselves as much as they care for their patients. Nurses must do their best to maintain professional respect to themselves in regards of their competence and moral character. Section 5.2, which is professional growth and maintenance of competence, suggests that nurses must continue to self and peer evaluate themselves throughout their careers. Nurses must continue to learn current, up to date nursing practices through self, peer, and higher education. Section 5.3, which is wholeness of character, suggests that nurses must develop and take into consideration their own …show more content…
I learned that as a nurse it is my duty to always consider my own well being, along with my patient’s. I must keep a high moral character both in the workplace and in my personal life. I must continue to educate myself and keep myself up to date with all the latest nursing practices and research. I must subject myself to peer review and evaluation. I must never let my personal feelings about a patient’s lifestyle affect my care for them. When met with a tough choice that places me in an ethical crisis I must keep a good head on my shoulders and always have my patient’s best interests in mind. If I feel that a situation at work is in direct conflict with my personal values or my oath to be an ethical nurse I must go through the proper channels to work through the problem. I learned that as a nurse I must take the initiative to regulate my work environment and myself. As much as nurses are part of the larger healthcare team, they often function autonomously. I will need to keep my skills up to date and educate myself by reading current research articles and taking classes at work. I will need to be humble and open to constructive criticism from my fellow employees. I must do my best to be hard working, honest, and helpful both in the work place and my persona life. It’s irrational to think people can be completely honest in one area of their life, but not the rest. If I suffer from any sort of bias towards my patients for the choices

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