ANFO Charlie: A Short Story

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Victoria checked the backpack of ANFO. “It’s ANFO Charlie, an enriched fertilizer. Soak it in diesel and it’s the most powerful explosive this side of a crate of TNT. Timothy McVeigh destroyed a twelve-story federal building with a couple of these. I can do the same to your entire little world and everything in it.” Vic said to Charlie. Even across a distance of thirty-feet, Vic could see the calculation in Charlie’s eyes while he thought it through. Then his smile broadened. “I don’t believe you’ll do that. Blow yourself up and you son, too. You’d have to be crazy.”
“Oh, man,” she said. “Are you just figuring that out?”
Charlie’s grin faded by degrees. His eyelids sank, and the expression in his eyes turned dull and disappointed.
He opened his mouth then and screamed, and
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The timer that was presumably ticking away. Not that it ticked, or made any sound whatsoever to suggest that it was working. The timer wouldn’t make any difference, all Vic needed was the instant remote detonator which she kept clipped close to her hip.
Vic had five backpacks of ANFO on her. She rode around the perimeter of Christmas land and placed down a pack of ANFO in all the corners.
She had one pack left. This one was the big one which she would place right in the middle. Right under the Christmas tree.
Vic drew all the kids over to one side. They seemed to have an endless source of energy and would not stop chasing her. Vic made a quick move with the break and the throttle to cut to the inside and drive straight towards the tree.
She was close now. 100 yards to the tree she could see its big star at the top. She was closer and closer. She looked behind her and didn’t see the wraith. It didn’t matter she was so close. Vic got her hand on the strap of the backpack ready to throw the ANFO.
The moon suddenly stopped its frustrated yelling and one soft worth bellowed out of it. Not the voice of Charlie. But the voice Wayne. The voice of her son.
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