ANT 101 Week 5 Final Paper

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Running head: HEALTH CARE 1

Health Care and Religion: A Comparison of Haiti and Tonga 's Practices
Jennifer Vest
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANT 101
Instructor: Lise Byars George
January 26, 2015


Haiti and Tonga are on the other side of the world from each other, 7,480 miles from each other to be exact. Both of these island countries have different ways of approaching medical care and unique health care practices. Combining religious and supernatural rituals with medical care is the norm in both cultures, though the differences being that Haitians will rely on their home remedies and only seek medical care if health gets worse and the
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Taboo is also considered a supernatural thing. Certain objects or people are considered to contain a large amount of mana. Early Tongans served chiefs, which today are kings and nobles, that were and are considered descendants of the God, Tu 'I Tonga with the mother being from earth. It is considered a taboo to touch the chief/king because he is considered sacred (Crapo, 2013). People from Tonga is historically known as excelling as surgeons and were educated in herbal plants and medicines. In the past using herbs and surgery for what they deemed ordinary illnesses while for spirit-caused illnesses using invocation and sacrifice (McGrath, 1999). The Wesleyan missions that came in the
1800 's struggled to get Tongans to attend their churches. They realized in order to motivate the Tongans to attend church they needed to educate and share their medical knowledge and new methods to the curious Tongans. Catholic churches in France also had set up medical facilities. Using medicines and new forms of medical care brought the Tongan people to church. Through medicine the missionaries found their opening to spreading their gospel. Due to the influence of Christianity many Tongans do hold the belief of heaven and hell. The spiritual world and its beings is believed to be able to send you to heaven or hell. Another important part of their health practices are healers. Healers are considered vessels

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