AP Computer Science Application Essay

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Every since I was a child, computers fascinated me. I wondered how a computer can display pictures and words very quickly onto the screen. Who invented the computer and how can all of the websites and applications work? It amazes me how many programmers program applications in order for the world population to use on a daily basis. Because of the different applications that the computers can perform, I was very interested in computers, especially the idea of coding. I had zero knowledge of coding, but there is nothing that stopped me from learning how programs were created. It is intriguing because I saw many people on the news everyday able to create a new program that can advance the technology that humans currently have. I want to be someone who is able to create those programs to help the people improve their lives.…show more content…
With my zero knowledge of computer science and coding, I took the challenge of taking AP Computer Science Principle. In the class, we create apps for android phones and learn about the use of the Internet. As I go into class everyday, I notice how there is only 5 girls (including myself) and 24 boys in the class. Not a lot of female students take the course of computer science. Usually, when thinking of computers, most people think of it as a “guy’s job”, no girls good enough to do
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