AP English Language: Climate Change

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Erik Arvidson
Mrs. Clark-Gonzalez
AP English Language
23 February 2016
Climate Change

Since the mining of Natural gases and energy, Emissions of greenhouse gasses have been slowly releasing into the atmosphere. This happens by burning the natural gases to create energy for our vehicles or even lawnmowers. On Earth we utilize a lot of energy to maintain a lifestyle we know and love today. But most forms of energy, cars and Farming produce large amounts of green-house gases that can heat and change the earth's atmosphere permanently and cause the ice caps to slowly melt because of constant heating. Industries and Electrical generation are estimated to produce “a little over 50%” of greenhouse emissions, making it the biggest problem (Petterson
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All forms of personal transportation account for “30 % of all U.S Global warming.” The oil will soon be “harder to extract”, which will end up creating more and more dirty emissions as well as harm the economy. Creating “Fuel efficient vehicles, Electric cars, and cleaner fuels” will help contribute to a solution for global warming problems but not permanently (UoCS Web). Big business have given an “up close” view of The damage caused through business practice. Because of this, big business have found time to adopt “environmental safeguards” to cover up environmental damage through “national parks." Siding with big business, “Some of the most powerful forces,” is one of the best ways of solving environmental problems (Diamond 16). Big business has large amounts of money that could be invested in new forms of cars that could be completely electric or have clean…show more content…
cutting down forests in Brazil, as well as setting wildfires in places like west Texas cause “carbons stored in trees” to escape. Individuals don't understand that in places like “Brazil,” deforestation causes more emissions than “all of the world's cars.” There are other forms of greenhouse gases as well; like “Methane” released from “Rice Farming, Petroleum drilling, and even cattle bleaching” (Friedman 35). Over “10 Billion” animals are raised for Factory Farms in the United states. Burning Fossil Fuels for fertilizer creates up to “41 million metric tons” of Carbon Dioxide. The Factory Farm industry contributes to air pollution by emitting Greenhouse Gases such as “Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia and Methane” (DoSomething Web). Factory Farms is something that can easily be changed by switching to smaller meat establishments, where the common public already expects the meat to come from.
Some would say that global warming emissions are not something to to worry about right now because it would take a long time to see a large effect. But in reality, any type of effect to the environment we live off could be devastating to future human existence. We don't want to be at risk later just so we can live our extravagant lifestyles now.
Energy, Cars and Farming are some of the largest forms of Greenhouse gas emission. They create a heated atmosphere that
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