AP English Language and Composition. Reading Assignment

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AP English Language and Composition Summer Reading Assignment Welcome to APE! You are about to begin a course unlike any other English class you have taken. Before beginning your summer reading assignment, you must revisit your ideas about critical reading. Follow the link below to the site “Critical Reading of an Essay’s Argument.” While this site focuses on finding the central argument of an essay, the strategies suggested will benefit your reading of any text. Please annotate the article and have it on the first day of class. (Link: http://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/reading_basic.html) Your reading assignment for the summer consists of two works: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and a work of your choice from an…show more content…
Lastly, this letter is an opportunity to tell your teacher a little bit about yourself: your background, interests, extracurriculars, reading and writing style, concerns about the course. EXTRA CREDIT For extra credit, you may choose to read any single additional book from the above list (1-2 points). In order to receive extra credit you will follow the journaling format of the Huck Finn Assignment (specific quotations from the work with original analysis of author’s style and purpose). Five entries are required. No more than 2 points can be added on to your first quarter grade. Please have an additional permission slip filled out. Turnitin.com REQUIREMENT: Both your Huck Finn assignment and your nonfiction assignment must be turned into turnitin.com before the first day of school. Your assignments will not count if they have not been turned in! Turnitin Class ID: Mrs. Killeen Period 2= 6505408 Mrs. Killeen Period 6= 6505415 Mrs. Psilakis Period 9= 6505125 The password for all classes is english with a lowercase e. MATERIALS AND REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE Hello, APES! Please be prepared in September with the following items: 1. A full-size three-ring binder. You will need six dividers. The binder should be organized into the following sections:  Grammar/Vocabulary/Terms  Readings  AP Exam: Analysis  AP Exam: Synthesis  AP Exam: Argumentation  AP Exam: Multiple Choice 2. A pencil case that can be clipped into
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