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Jacksonian democracy was created during the antebellum America. The Jackson democrats made an attempt to grant power to the lower classes while decreasing the influence of the rich and potent. The Jacksonian democrats viewed themselves as saviors of the common people and ruled by the means of a powerful executive branch who attempted to destroy aristocracy in America. In reality, they were typically very wealthy, they disregarded the capability of the federal government, and they desired equality only for the white man. The Jacksonian’s view of themselves was pompous because of their political views, their animosity towards minorities, and their economic policies.

Although viewed as defenders of all
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As multiple advancements resulted in a huge increase in population the old economy was replaced by cash-crop agriculture and capitalist manufacturing. A split between the industrializing, urban North, agrarian, rural South, and the expanding West was forming. The Jacksonians passed the Tariff of 1828, helping western agriculture, and northern manufacturing but was detrimental to the South. Also, Jackson vetoed the US bank’s recharter in 1832. As Andrew Jackson’s veto message (Doc B) explains, he did this because he believed the US bank gave too much power to the wealthy few. Although, this seemed to be a step to increase equality, his replacement state “pet” banks only led to the destabilization of the national currency, and favoritism towards Jacksonian policies. This policy of Jackson was done with good intentions, but like many of Jacksonian economic policies it ended up doing more harm than good.

Many of Jacksonian policies did help America. When a British author came to American he viewed that in America every man is free and independent (Doc D). Andrew Jackson himself was considered by most to be a common man. Daniel Webster even feared that the Jacksonian’s were attempting to turn the poor against the rich (Doc C). Also, the Jacksonian democrats were strict constructionists and made attempts to preserve the constitution. This led to events such as

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