AP Literature Class Reflection

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It was my first day in Mr. Howard’s AP Literature Class. There were approximately thirty of us sitting in rows of six in a dim classroom. Low background music was playing and light projectors beamed colorful bright lights that traveled dizzying paths across the room. I sat beside and chatted with my close friend Andrea about our concerns regarding our new English teacher. Based on our English department’s poor reputation, we were afraid that Mr. Howard would contribute to that conception by being another poor instructor. However, many of our friends, who had him as a teacher during middle school, stated that he was an exceptional teacher. The bell then rang, indicating that passing period had come to an end and Mr. Howard flicked on the lights, muted the music, and began to introduce his course to us. He stated that we would write one or two essays a…show more content…
As I pulled everything together, I compared a few of my papers from the beginning of the year to the more recent ones, and I was able to see a noticeable improvement, although not a drastic one. I took a step back and realized that within the time that I was pursuing better writing skills, I never gave myself the chance to acknowledge what I achieved as a whole and appreciate it. While I had realized throughout the year that I was improving a bit, I tossed that fact aside almost immediately and continued to chase after “better”, which was a better essay with more analysis and more descriptions. Perhaps I had became distracted on my journey to improve my writing that I failed to even notice how far I had come. I believe that, with time, I can continue to improve my writing skills and anything I want, there is no rush. It is crucial to recognize that you can thrive and achieve anything as long as you permit yourself time and allow yourself to work towards your goal as diligently as you
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