AP Psych First Semester Final FRQ Bank

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AP Psych First Semester Final FRQ Bank


1. Your friend Dave says: “How can you stand to study the history of psychology? Every single one of those theories is basically the same: the brain controls our behavior.” Given the history of psychology, evaluate Dave's claim using the following terms in their appropriate context:
•Psychoanalytic theory
•Humanistic psychology
•Cognitive revolution
•Cognitive dissonance
•Social-cultural perspective

2. Professor Hahn received a grant to study the relationship between childhood obesity and video game playing. Answer the following questions about Professor Hahn's research study: A. Explain how Professor Hahn could use each of the following research
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Learning principles may help explain this lack of control and may provide possible solutions. A. Some people with alcohol dependence report that just the smell of alcohol creates a powerful sense of well-being, increasing the desire to drink the alcohol. Explain this reaction using a classical conditioning model, and describe one possible way to decrease the reaction. Use the following terms in your answer:
• Unconditioned stimulus
• Unconditioned response
• Conditioned stimulus
• Conditioned response
• Extinction

B. In cases of long-term addiction, some users report continuing their drug use to avoid the side effects of being without the drug. Explain this behavior using an operant conditioning model. Use the following terms in your answer.
• Tolerance
• Withdrawal
• Negative reinforcement

9. Professor Proust, a memory researcher, designs an experiment to test the hypothesis that reading picture books designed for children significantly enhances college students' memories of childhood. She asks participants to write about significant childhood memories, and to circle any events they remember from a list of common memories (such as getting lost in a store or breaking a leg, etc.).

Part A: Use the following terms to describe how Professor Proust should choose the participants and experimental/control groups for her study:
• Population
• Random sample
• Random assignment

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