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Step 1: State Your Argument Based on your existing knowledge of American Indian–colonial relations in North America, write an argument to use as the basis of your research. The French experienced the best relationship with the natives as they were very cooperative with the Natives, peacefully tried to convert them and married Native women and integrated with them. The Spanish came behind the French as they integrated with them as well however they were much more violent in exploiting them for resources through systems like the encomienda system. However, the English had the most tarnished relationship with the Natives as they looked to expand at the Natives expense and saw the Natives as inferiors. Step 2: Research Notes Use the chart…show more content…
Counterclaims List any counterclaims you come across in your research here. I came upon one main counterclaim that the Spanish tried to reform their over exploiting ways such as Bartolome de Las Casas. For example in the article "Native Americans, Treatment of (Spain Vs. England) (Issue)" they talked of Las Casas as “he believed the Laws of Burgos were too weak and the Requerimiento was a travesty. He persuaded the government to appoint him Protector of the Indians and for a few years (1514–1517) he sought to employ a milder regime for the Indians.” However these reforms were not very affective across the Spanish colony and have little impact. Closely followed by Columbus’ “discovery” of the New World in 1492 were the establishments of European colonies with the French primarily in the north and down the Mississippi, and with the British along the east coast. As a result, the Native Americans’ lives changed drastically. Before 1750, in terms of economically, French responded mutually in terms of economy, culturally befriended them and in terms of religion, responded benignly by encouraging Catholicism through missionaries and on were on the best terms with the Natives; the British by contrast, economically

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