AP World History Olympics DBQ

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The modern Olympic movement has been shaped by many differentiating factors over the years. It has been altered by social, political, and economic factors. More specifically, warring times, changes to social structures, and economic activity that varies by country have been the overall leading factors that have shaped the Olympics over the years. The Olympics have shown over the decades that they can be affected by political conflict. However, it seems that this is the point of the Olympics, to illustrate national pride, by competition. Bloodshed should not be the way for pride of one’s country to be shown, but it should be shown through competition, in the words of the founder of the modern Olympic movement, Pierre de…show more content…
However, the dramatic increase in the fees paid to broadcast Atlanta’s games illustrates the time of peace after the Cold War ended, with over 800 million dollars being given to broadcast the games(9).
Finally, the Olympic games are altered by the diverse and changing social structures in the world. For instance, in 1908 a photograph of British competitor Sybil Newall shooting her bow was found on newspapers across England(2). Whether this photograph was staged to sell newspapers or not, it cannot be denied that this photograph indicates the beginning of women’s movement, which was obviously an important issue during this time in the world. With more leniency being given to women during this time, they were eventually being allowed to compete in the competitive events, though only 2% of the athletes were women. This factor also continues to show during the 1992 games held in Spain, where by then 29% of women were competing. Hassiba Boulmerka was an Algerian competitor during this time and spoke in an interview about her critics, and how being the first Algerian to win an Olympic title did not depend on her gender, but simply on her strength in her mind and in body. Boulmerka was heavily criticized by Muslim groups in Algeria for wearing shorts as she ran in the events. Despite this, the games illustrated the decreasing requirements for dresses and increasing requests for
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