AP World History: The Key To Success

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Failure is a part of life. While many see failure as a negative thing, I have started to see it as a situation that can make you a better person. Failure drives me to never make that mistake again. I first realized this when I took my first AP class and AP exam and received a score of 2. This journey all started sophomore year when I took AP World History. I quickly learned that I needed to actually read and take notes to be able to succeed in the class. It took a few poor grades on essays and tests for me to understand this. Despite this new revelation, I still struggled in the class. When it came time to start reviewing and preparing for the exam, I put an immense amount of effort, but not as hard as I should’ve been. Exam day came and…show more content…
I wanted to achieve this 3. I kept asking my teacher if it was possible. He said it was and that maybe I could even get a 5. I used this as more motivation. I worked even harder as the test date grew closer and closer. The day before the test, I reviewed everything I could. I walked into the test with some confidence because my teacher and my friends believed in me. However, after the test, I didn’t feel like I achieved the score I wanted to. I felt like I had let everyone down. That feeling lasted until I checked my scores in July. I woke up early to check my scores when I saw one of the biggest surprises of my life. I had not only achieved, but I exceeded my goal- I ended up getting a 5. All of the struggles and failure I went through led me to this moment. Everything was now worth it. This failure I experienced allowed me to accomplish something I never thought was possible. The struggle and failures I endured throughout AP World History were all worth it in the end. This situation made me realize that failure isn’t a bad thing. Failure doesn’t define me, but it does provide motivation for me to work harder and do my best to not put myself in that situation
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