APA 6th Edition Formatting Essay

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APA 6th Edition Formatting
Three Citations Using Direct Quotes
Intuition and analysis are two cognitive styles used by entrepreneurs in new venture formation. Researches Kickul, Gundry, Barbosa, and Whitcanack (2009) studied the effects of intuition versus analysis on entrepreneurial self-efficacy and found that “individuals with the intuitive cognitive style were more confident in their ability to identify and recognize opportunities,” but “individuals with the analytic cognitive style were more confident in their abilities to assess, evaluate, plan, and marshal resources” (p. 439). They also found that “intuitive individuals’ intentions toward entrepreneurship are better explained by their self-efficacy beliefs regarding . . . the
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The York et al. (2009) article used a complex triangulation methodology combining qualitative and quantitative to assess team performance and satisfaction. Sixteen students from diverse scientific and law specialties were assigned to four groups to create business plans for biotechnology commercialization. The personality measures were well established and the study appears well designed. Because of the large number of factors studied and the small number of students/teams used in the study, additional study is required to demonstrate the applicability of these findings to the general population of entrepreneurial teams.
Evaluation of APA Formatting Resources
Four APA formatting resources are reviewed here. The American Psychological Association (2009) publishes the authoritative work on APA formatting, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition. This book is a style manual for academic writers and editors in the behavioral and social sciences and covers the topics of plagiarism, manuscript organization, writing style, displaying tables and figures, references, citations, and the publication process. The first printing contains seven pages of corrections that are downloadable from www.apa.org. The writing style guide is helpful, as is the section on citations and references. Electronic references examples are few and other resources should be consulted.
The American

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