Essay on APA Codes of Ethics: 3.05 Multiple Relationships

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APA Codes of Ethics: 3.05 Multiple Relationships
The relationship between a therapist and their client is a very important. However, too many relationships with a client can be potentially harmful to the client as well as the therapist. American Psychological Association (APA) Codes of Ethics 3.05a deals with how to ethically handle multiple relationships. A dual or a multiple relationship exists whenever a counselor has other connections with a client in addition or in succession to the counselor–client relationship (Moleski & Kiselica, 2005). A multiple relationship occurs when any of the following happens: a psychologist enters into a professional role with a client and (1) and at the same time enters into another role
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Why is this important, how does it improve the profession?

APA Ethic Code 3.05a is important to the profession because it helps keeps the psychologist effective and objective by suggesting the psychologist to refrain from having a multiple roles with a client. However, a multiple relationship can cause a psychologist to be put in a dilemma that can be avoided if APA Ethic Code 3.05a is followed. In the case of a psychology professor, Dr. Switch, he had a graduate student that was having several issues with her boyfriend and battling depression. The graduate student asked her professor about what she should do concerning her problems. Dr. Switch knew that it would be could be harmful to his academic reputation if he takes on this multiple role as the graduates student professor and her therapist. However, he decided to take the multiple role after the graduate student continued to persuade him to let her be one of his clients. After a couple of sessions he found out the problems had escalated in her personal life. During class she slept most of the time because of problem in her life that caused her not to be able to do her work. It was then finals time and she told her professor that she did not feel able to do it. So Dr. Switch decided to extend her time to get the final done. Extending time to do a final was prohibited at the university unless it was for an extreme emergency.

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