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Differences in Competencies Between Associate and Baccalaureate Nursing Degree Amanda T. Duggan Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V 05/06/15 Differences in Competencies Between Associate and Baccalaureate Nursing Degree A survey was conducted with 102 graduates from an associate degree program. The data analysis discussed the graduates’ perception of their comfort level with leadership, delegation skills, management, professional identity and teamwork (Jones & Mbewe, 2011). This paper will focus on the areas that the graduates felt inadequate and compare these areas to the focus and content of each program. It will also look at differences in nursing care approaches based on educational background. Survey Resulted in Low…show more content…
ADPIE stands for assessment, diagnosis, patient plan, implementation and evaluation of the implementations. It was a very structured approach that has to be completed in the SBAR or ADPIE format. It had to be done in order and each area had to be completed. There was no creative approach allowed. Spiritualty was never part of any aspect of the process. There were times when as a student, I did the SBAR or ADPIE format and I would be marked down for adding information that was not on the checklist or if I left out a portion of a particular section. For example, if the patient did not have chest tubes and I did not state the patient had no tubes, I was marked down. If I added the patients spiritual needs in the format it would be crossed out because it did not fit the checklist. The nursing approach that was used in our program was based on theory we learned in lecture. We wrote care plans that included an assessment, structural variables, nursing diagnosis, goals, nursing interventions and evaluations. We were marked down if the interventions didn’t match the nursing diagnosis or if there was insufficient assessments made to come up with a nursing diagnosis or goal. There was no delegation or leadership involved with our approach. It was structured and specific with little ability to vary from a nursing care approach that was taught. According to the (Nursing Fact Sheet, 2011) the additional classes in the
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