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I completed my directed reading-thinking activity with a five year old kindergartener named Austin, at Holly Academy. After having taught my first DRTA, I deliberated on it both individually and with my cooperating teacher. I have several things that I would like to reflect upon. Overall, I think that the outcome of my DRTA was effective. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement.
I chose The Mitten, by Jan Brett, for my directed reading thinking activity for many reasons. The first reason this text was appealing to me is because my students were learning about hibernation in their science class and this text was very relatable. I also thought The Mitten was an appropriate text for this assignment because the illustrations and text
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I directed Austin’s thinking, prior to reading the book, by asking her questions about the text. I introduced the story by asking Austin if she had ever read The Mitten before. She, in fact, had read this story before. We discussed what we thought the main ideas of the story were going to be based upon the cover. We also took a brief picture walk through the book, where I instructed her to look at the pictures and make inferences about the story. I had previously planned to do some word work with Austin, but after discussing time constraints with the cooperating teacher before the lesson began, I changed my mind. Instead, I decided that it would be more effective to point out a few vocabulary words that surfaced during the short book. We focused on the words hedgehog, badger, and the concept of hibernation. I thought that Austin might not be familiar with these animals, but she correctly identified them. We discussed the different animals in regards to hibernation because my cooperating teacher was going through a science lesson on hibernation. Entering the lesson, I thought Austin might have trouble with these words. Looking back now, I realize that it was not faulty on my part, and, instead, the text may have been too easy for a student at Austin’s reading level. This could also be due to the fact that she had previously read this book. This was an unexpected occurrence and brought up an issue in my DRTA, which will be discussed in the next
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